Bearly Loved

There are many children all over the world who’ve been taken into care after suffering extreme neglect, or sexual and physical abuse. They now feel completely alone, unwanted and terrified. Bearly Loved is a small charity who’s mission it is to make these children feel loved, safe and secure – with teddy bears.

Branded materials were needed to explain the process to children who were donating and help them send their bear on a new journey.

In spare time, myself and art director/designer Rob Jenkins created a welcome pack, which can either be posted to children requesting to donate a bear or distributed to schools or brownie and guide groups. The pack includes a welcome letter, stickers, map and paw-by-paw instructions explaining how to donate their bear. Most importantly, the pack includes a Bear Passport. Created to accompany the teddy bear on his new journey, it also gives children a considered and memorable experience when donating their toy. This passport then becomes a direct mail piece by kids, for kids, making the act of giving even more tangible.

So far over 20,000 children have donated a cuddly toy, with that number growing daily. Which means over 20,000 lonely children around the world feel loved and cared for with a special friend to cuddle up to.
insta: @bearlyloved