Press, 6, 48 & 96 Sheet

The opening of the Metrolink Airport line represented the culmination of a large development project years in the making, and a reason for celebration. With a total of fifteen new stops, the line provided much needed additional transport links to disenfranchised/under-serviced communities along the route, connecting them with neighbouring communities as well as the city centre and the airport. This was big news for residents of Greater Manchester, and needed to be treated as such.
Key landmarks and amenities were identified within destinations across the line, and we created a campaign to hero local communities and allow local residents to take ownership of the creative.

We designed fifteen tongue-in-cheek holiday destination luggage stickers, to bring together the idea of tram meeting airline. Hand drawn typographer and Illustrator Andy Smith helped us create the suite of stickers, by adding his own unique individual charm and wit into each colourful destination.

The sticker concept ran across a Metrolink landing page as well as 6, 48 and 96 sheets around Manchester and along busy commuter routes out of the city.

Results were excellent. The line launched on 3rd November 2014, and 91k journeys were made in the first month, and this figure grew to a record number of 137k journeys. The line now contributes 5% to overall ticket sales.